BLACK and LIGHT (2007) 2:24
For this installation and video I utilized an existing window and it's surrounding architecture at the Kleinert-James Center for The Arts in Woodstock, NY in July, 2007, when the hours of daylight are near equal to those without it. The large North facing window at the end of the gallery was masked and reconfigured with multiple layers of translucent materials, contrasting the fluctuations of light and received shadows from the window with the space around it (which I had painted the most recessive black I could mix). This installation successfully distilled all incoming information to light and shadow and projected to the interior, the ever-changing patterns in the natural world
This video was conceived and set up by myself, shot and brought to final by videographer Dean Janoff. We shot continuously over one 24 hour period in time lapse, at one image per minute. The camera was stationary. The video has not been enhanced in any way..